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October 15, 2020
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Bodybuilders and Their Love of Protein

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Bodybuilders are known for their love of protein. Why is this? Protein is basically like building blocks for the body. Aside from water, your body's next most abundant substance is protein. In fact, it makes up 15-20% of a person's body weight and 60-70% is actually located in the skeletal muscles. This is why weight lifters can't consume enough protein.

Proteins are a compound of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Nitrogen is the most important element here. This is because nitrogen in protein helps increase metabolism and gain muscle mass. It's been shown that the greater the intake of nitrogen and less excretion, the more the muscles grows. Another reason protein is so important is because your body is constantly changing. To give you a few examples, scientists have proven that in three months, your body creates a whole new skeleton. New cells replace old ones from the lining in your stomach to your muscles all the time. Protein in foods is responsible for creating these new cells and rejuvenating the body.

So what exactly makes up protein? This answer is a number of adjoining amino acids. Amino acids are required by the body for growth; 20 to be exact. A hormone such as the growth hormone, for example, is a protein chain that consists of 156 different amino acids. Other hormones consist of an entirely different string of amino acids. The human body can only make 11 of the required 20 amino acids. These are called non-essential or dispensable amino acids. The other 9 are called essential or indispensable amino acids. These essential amino acids must be provided by the foods you consume. These foods that are needed are called "complete proteins" when they have the exact amounts of essential and nonessential amino acids required for growth. The complete proteins are found in foods such as meat, eggs, and milk. This is why you see bodybuilders chugging milk, eating meat by the pound, and swallowing egg whites by the hand full. Bodybuilders must have complete proteins. If they don't have all the essential amino acids from foods, the body is forced to break down its own proteins and this obviously isn't good for weight lifters trying to build muscle.

It's not a surprise that working out increases the need for more protein. The more someone exercises, the higher their metabolism increases. An increase in metabolism creates an increased need for protein. This is just for regular exercising, however. For someone who is weight lifting to increase muscle mass and strength, they have a much greater need for protein. This is why bodybuilders have this love for protein. There is a constant battle going on between how much protein is the right amount. Some people say the recommended daily allowance (RDA) is enough for everyone; even people trying to gain muscle mass. It is now scientifically proven that if you are looking to build muscle mass, you do need more protein than the RDA. Simply because of how protein and amino acids work should show that in order to really increase muscle, one would need to consume exceedingly high amount of protein. 

Getting protein isn't always easy. It takes time to prepare those good protein-filled foods. When you don't that kind of time, mixing and consuming EFX's Ionic Whey Supreme Protein will fill you with complete protein for enhanced body building. This formula is not filled with sugar and is tested at pharmaceutical levels.


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